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KEMGROUT - 110 is a nonmetallic, high particle size cement based, very high workability / flow grout when mixed with water as per the recommended water to powder ratio.

KEMGROUT - 110 is a nonmetallic, high particle size cement based, very high work-ability / flow grout when mixed with water as per the recommended water to powder ratio. The grout has very high compressive strength and controlled positive volumetric expansion. The grout has plastic shrinkage compensative additive which expand the grout in duel stage to overcome the shrinkage which generally exist with the cement based grouts.The bonding strength is excellent with the base concrete and steel components which are grouted. The high early strength of cured grouts allows the immediate orperation of the machine, saves labour & time. The grout is easy to mix and place, no lengthy / Labourious operations are required & early operation of the machine saves labour expenses and cost of manufacturing. The grout is chloride and iron free saves rusting of steel and no rusting of grout itself by corrosion of iron articles by oxidation process hences saves weakening of cohesive bond of the grout. The grout has very high dynamic load stability. The positive expansion provides 100% contact with the base plate with a stable foundation. KEMGROUT - 110 os suitable for grouting heights of 100 -110 mm.

End Uses:

Steel plants, paper, sugar coal handling plants.
Generators turbines.
Power motors.
All types of power plants wagon tipplers.
Overhead rails.
Chemical & petrochemical plants.
Any type of machine foundations.



Appearance & color
Cementitious grey colored, free flowing grainy powder.
2.300 kg/ liter. (2300 - 2400 Kg/m3 )
Water / Powder ratio
0.13 - 0.16
Water quantity
3.90 - 4.8 Liter.
Yield of wet (mixed )grout

16.94 - 17.85 liters per 30 kg. bag

Particle size distribution
0 - 7mm
Compressive Strength

450 - 900 kg/cm2

Bond strength

50 - 120 kg/cm2

Young's modulus

28100 - 30100 N/mm2

Volume expansion

+ve 0.4 - 0.6 %

Grouting height
100 - 110 mm
Work-ability (flow) period at 30°C.
25 - 30 minutes.


The concrete surface including bolt pockets shall be throughly cleaned by hard wire brusing. Ensure that grease and oil is removed by degreasing with solvent such as xylene, toulene or trichloroethylene solvent. Hacking of concrete surface mechanically improves bond strength. Metalic surfaces shall be free of grease, oil and rusty scales.Clean the dust by compressed air or brooming.Wash the surface with water till clean dust free surface occours. Prewetting of the surface with water few hours prior to the pouring of grout.


Grouting below base plate - requires high flow & to avoid leakages and to withstand high operational stresses a wooden or steel formwork is needed. After installation of formwork, seal the gap between formwork and concrete surface by using the same KEMGROUT - 110 in a mortar consistency with less water atleast 2-3 hours prior to the grouting operation starts.


Grout mixer or freefall type concrete mixer can be used. For Mixing of 8 bags (240kg. ) pour, 200 liter volume concrete mixer is required. The pot of the mixer shall be clean/ Charge 80% of mixing water (24.96 - 30.72 liters ) into the concrete mixer pot / vessel. Start mixer add powdre slowly and continuously and mix for 2 minutes. Add to the pot about 20 -25 numbers of 5-10 cm diameter sontes or coarse aggregate (clean & dry) .For efficient lumpsfree mixing of groutpowder. Mix for 1-2 minutes. Add balance 20% of water (6.24 - 7.68 liters ) and mix for another 3 minutes. Now the grout is ready for placement / pouring.


Pour the mixed grout into a placement vessel (drum{s}) of 200 liter fitted with 2 inch ball value at bottom end through 10 mm steel sieve(mesh) to remove stones added for mixing purpose. Before pouring ensure that the surface is prewet, damp and no excess water remains. Remove excess water if any by hand pump or cotton waste. Pour the grout from one side / corner only in order to avoid voids creation. Provide 100 mm minimum exposed area (shoulder) of grouts at pouring end and 50 mm on the other end. The great shoulder in the other two sides should not exceed 100 mm. Once the pouring of the grout is over cover. Once pouring is completed, cover the grouted area with a plywood or polyethylene (HDPE) sheet to act as a restraint.
If the grout height exceeds 110 MM, mixing of 50 % of clean and dry coarse aggregate of 10 mm size mixing with the mixed grout is recommended.Ensure that minimum 12 - 14 hours gap in between two subsequent grouting operation is provided ie. bolts pocketrs & under base plate.
If the ambient temperature exceeds 40°C crushed ice along with mixing water (cold ) is recommended.


Quantity of powder grout required = 2.3 x volume of grouting void in liters.( Consider about 5% in kgs. wastage and other contigencies while calculating the requirement)


Easily cleaned with water immediately after the use.


Store the material away from moisture, water & cover it by tarpolin in unopen condition. Shelf life is 6 - 7 months from the date of manufacture.

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