Kemgrout - GP

Non - shrink, Expansive,High early strength, High workability (flow) General purpose cementitious grout.

KEMGROUT - GP is a nonmetallic, cement based grout with good ( workability flow ) and positive volumetric expansion. It is chloride and iron free hence no corrosion & loss of cohesive strength due to corrosion by oxidation particles.The high early strength of cured grouts allows the immediate installation & orperation of the machineor equipment. The grout sustains the high dynamic and static loads transfer by the running machine & equipment. The grouting height provision of the grout is 110 - 120 mm.


• Non metallic - no cohesion loss due to corrosion.
• Chloride free - no corrosion of steel .
• Good workability and flow -ensure larger contact are.
• Nonshrink - duel shrinkage compensation - ensures volume stability.
• high early & ultimate compressive strength.
• Excellent bond between machinery and foundation.
• Nontoxic
• Nonhazardous


Grouting of bolt pockets & base plate of any machine & equipment.
Boilers, pumpsets, generators, turbines, stanchion bases & motors etc.
Grouting of columns inprecast constructions.


Appearance & colour
Cementitious grey coloured,grainy free flowing powder.
Particle size distribution
0.5 mm. Density : (2100 - 2200 kg /liter.)

Water / Powder ratio
0.16 - 0.17
Quantity of Water required
4.8 - 5.1 Liter
Flow on flow table at 30° C
22 - 23 cms
Flow channel at 30°C
60 - 75 cms
Compressive strength
120- 450 kg/cm2

Volumetric expansion
0.8 - 1.0 %
Grouting height
110 - 120 mm.
Young modulus
2400 N/mm2
Workability period at 30°C
20 - 25 minutes

The concrete surface including bolt pockets shall be free of oil & greaseThoroughly wire brush the surface to remove dirty & dust. Remove Oil & grease, degreasing with xylene, Toluene or Trichloroethylene solvent. Hack the concrete surface for improvement in bonding.Wash the surface with water till it cleans to a original concrete substrate. Saturate the surface with water prior to grouting.

Provide wooden or steel leak proof formwork to withstand operational stressers. Seal the gaps of formwork and concrete surface with Kemgrout -gp grout in thick mortat consistency by mixing with less quantity of water. Allow it to cure for 3-4 hours before starting of group pouring / placement.

Grout mixer or freefall type concrete mixer is recommended.Selection of the grout / concrete mixer capacity will depend on the volume of mixed grout required. The mixer vessel / pot shall be clean & dry. Charge 80% of mixing water. The water must be clean, cold and chloride free. Start the mixer. Start addition of grout powder slowly & continuously for about a minute. Add 25-30 nos. of 5-10 cm size stones or coarse aggregate (clean & dry) for lumpsfree efficient mixing of grout. Add balance 20% of mixing water and mix for 4-5 minutes. Now the grout is ready for pouring / placement.

Pour the mixed grout through a 10 cm wire mesh kept on a pouring vessel (200 liter fitted with 2 inch ball value at bottom end of the drum) keep the grout agitating by wooden baffle. make sure that the surface is saturated with water & damp .Excess water if any remove by hand pump or cotton waste. Pour the mixed grout from oneside only to avoid air/gap entrapement. Provide 100 mm minimum exposed area (shoulder) of grouts at pouring end and 50 mm on the other end. Cover the grout exposed area by plywood or polyethylene (HDPE) sheet for retrain & evaporation of water. Incase grouting bed height exceeds 110 MM, mixing of 50 % by weight of 5 - 10 mm coarse aggregate (clean & dry) is recommended. Provide atleast 10 - 12 hours gap between two subsequent grouting operations.


Quantity of powder grout required in kgs. = 2.1 - 2.2 x volume of grouting void in liters.
(Consider about 5% in kgs. wastage and other contigencies while calculating the requirement).

Easily cleaned with water immediately after the use.


Store the material away from moisture, water & cover it by tarpaulin in unopen condition. Shelf life is 6 - 7 months from the date of manufacture.

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