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Protection of cement concreate,mineral plaster & paints, sandstone, sand , limebricks, limestone, marble, granite brick, jodhpuri & jaipuri stone claddings from exterior.

KRISREPELL is available in two grades. One grade is for a treatment of mineral substrate ir. facades of fair-faced masonry and cement. Another grade is to improve oil and water resistance of hard stones, marbles, granite's etc. Both the materials are ready to use chemically 'SILANE - SILOXANE' composition in a solvent media, forms a chemical structure similar to quartz on application and reaction.

The cementitous - mineral building materials when comes in to contact with water, pollutant gases and carbon-dioxide, they absorb water and results into a damage. The damages are like penetration of moisture, cracks due to swelling & shrinkage, frost & deicing salts, efflorescence and salts damage caused by hydration and crystallization, lime leaching, rust stains, dirt pick up, attack by algae, fungi and moss & chemical corrosion of reinforcement steel yield to destruction of concrete.


  • Ready to use.
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Very thin liquid - deep penetration.
  • Drastic reduction in water absorption.
  • Resistance to alkalies.
  • No change in surface appearance - glossy, tacky or yellowing.
  • Resistance to UV light.
  • Bridges hairline crack for water repellency.
  • Excellent water vapour diffusion.
  • Non-toxic - no health risk.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Stops water seepage & leakage.
  • No paint washout - protects paints.
  • Prevents corrosion of reinforcement.
  • Increases oil, water & stain resistance on absorbent minerals.


Protection of following substrate from water in exposed condition cement concrete, mineral plaster and paint, sandstone, sand lime bricks, limestone, marble, granite, brick, jodhpuri and jaipuri stones. KRISREPELL is ideal for water repellency of facades and sloppy roof terrace.

  1. Ready to use brushble.
  2. Very thin liquid indeep penetration.
  3. Drastic reduction in water absorption.
  4. Resistant to alkalies.
  5. No change insurface appearnce.
  6. UV & weather resistance.
  7. Bridges hair line cracks.
  8. Nontoxic.
  9. Enviromental friendly.
  10. Stop water leakage.
  11. No paint washout protect paint.
  12. Increase oil,stain resistance on absorbant eg.
  13. Marble special grade is available.


NatureSingle pack
Appearance & colourVery thin liquid, colourless to slight pale yellow colour.
Density0.8 ± 0.02 gm / cc
Flash point38 ºC
CoverageHighly porous surface : 25 - 30 sq.ft / liter / coat. Poor absorbent surface eg. marble, granite, concrete, paints : 50 - 60 sq.ft / liter / coat
Penetration depth1 - 3 mm
Water absorption2 - 5 %



The surface shall be free from oil, grease and dirt. The surface shall be clean and dirt free, other wise dirt will get dissolved into solvent & will represent dirt stains. If possible wash the surface with clean water after thorough wire brushing. Allow the surface to dry for better penetration. The surface may be slightly damp but not wet.


Apply  two coats of KRISREPELL wet on wet by brush, roller or spray in a flooding way ie. the material shall run down the substrate while application. The maximim the penetration the best performance it will provide. The performance can be tested only after drying for 24 hours or after 3 days.


Clean the tools by white spirit, kerosene or xylene solvent.


Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture.  Store the material in cool & dry away from sun heat.

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