Interior of building walls and cellings.

MAGICPLAST is a third generation cement polymer matrix technology in service of the building industry by means of elimination of neery plaster, synthetic polymer plaster, primer / basecoat and paint. It is a composition of inorganic and organic binders, inert fillers and multi-functional effects additives of imported origin. On mixing of both the components it reacts chemically and forms a matrix which is dynamically stable. On curing it forms a hard, through, non-cracking, sufficiently flexible monolithic layer which is stable  again water, U.V Rays & heat. It is directly applicable on cement concrete and plaster surface. It is permanently water resistant which is not available in synthetic polymer single pack plaster or neeru plaster. Through it is a polymer matrix it is 100 % breathable suitable for application on walls and ceiling of all and new building structures. Being based on organic polymer bonds strongly to cementitious substrate without any priumer & does not peels off or blister due to migration of water. HENCE IT IS MOST ECONOMICAL PLASTER WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PRIMER OR PAINT.

1.    Third generation cement polymer matrix technology product.

2.    Easy to apply by towel.

3.    Non sag-forcelling application.

4.    Forms hard,tough & sufficiently flexible and non cracking layer 

5.    No need of  thick layer, but can be applied in multi layer.

6.    Bonds stongly to cement substrates,asbestos and particle boards.

7.    Breathable.

8.    Water resistant.

9. Paintably by water, solvent based paints,epoxies and urethane coatings.

10.  Withstands all climatic conditions of india.

11.  Resistant  to the growth of micro organisms.

12.  Superior to all synthetic plaster in water resistance,

13.  No primer or painting is required being white in colour.


The surface must be clean, without any dirt, dust and mould release oil or any other water repellent coating. Mix part II with part I and recommended quantity of water to form a homogenous, uniform, lumpsfree paste. Allow the mixed material to mature for 5 minutes, again mix it and apply with steel trowel and level the plaster. Wet trowel may be used to level the substrate. The plaster will gain the hardness with in 24 hours. In summer when humidity is low water spray can be give to increase the hardness. MAGICPLAST will harden to a very though substrate by curing with water.

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