UNIFIX- is a two component easy to use powder and polymer based heavy weight marble & granite tiles and slab fixing adhesive.

UNIFIX-M&G; is a two component easy to use powder and polymer based heavy weight marble & granite tiles and slab fixing adhesive. It is chemically based on hydraulic and specially developed emulsion polymer. On mixing of both the components (parts) it forms a matrix which is thermally stable. During summer the temperature of externally gladded marble and granite tiles goes to an extreme level because latent heat of marble, granite and stones are very high. Due to this high temperature rise even 'epoxy resin1 adhesive melts and results into falling of tiles. UNIFIX-M&G; is stable at such high temperature. It bonds strongly to old and new cementations substrates, tiles and metals. It is highly slip resistance, hence prevents the displacement of tiles after application due to heavy weight. It provides a strong adhesive and cohesive bond and performs well in cold and hot climatic conditions. It prevents the accidents due to falling of such heavy weight tiles when gladded externally on high-rise buildings vertically,


  • Easy to use.
  • Adheres strongly to old and new substrates.
  • Nonslip tiling is possible.
  • Fixing can be started from any side or corner
  • No wetting of substrate is required.
  • Covers entire area below the tiles, hence forms
    waterproof bed.
  • No cracking and falling of tiles.
  • Saves labour, time and cost of redoing.
  • Saves from accidents due to falling of tiles.
  • No curing with water is required.
  • Universal adhesive can be used on floor and vertical
  • Resists hot & cold climatic conditions.
  • Water resistant.
  • Weather durable.
  • Nontoxic & non-flammable.

Nature & Appearance

Thin liquid

Part I Homogenous, free Flowing grainy powder.
Part II Homogenous and Uniform sticky liquid.
After Mixing 

Homogenous, soft & viscous paste.

          Part I Cementitious grey.
Part II Milky white.

Cementitious grey. (White & other colour Shades also available)

Mixing ratio:

Part I 
Part II 1
Specific gravity at 30° C:

1.75 + 0.05 gms/cc.

Workablitytimeat30°C. :

30-40 minutes.

Initial setting time at 30° C.:

4 - 5 hours.

Complete setting time at30°C.:

24 hours.

Tiles readjustability time at 30° C.:5 minutes.

Coverage on even leveled

:1.00-1.50 kg/sq. meter

per one mm thick layer when used by notch trowel method.

Temperature resistance     :

Not affected by cold & Frost & Resistant to High temperature Absorption of marble & Granite tiles.

Water resistance:

Excellent - even on Immersion.

Weather durability       :


SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface on which tile fixing is to be done, should be clean, free of dirt, dust, old paint, oil, grease, mould release agent, wall paper etc. Thoroughly wire brush the surface. Roughening of the smooth surface is needed. If the surface is highly absorbent, wetting with water is required. Smooth surface can be roughened by giving hydrochloric acid wash followed by thorough water washings. If the oil and grease is present, degrease it by cleaning with trichloroethyiene solvent. (Xylene / Petrol / Turpentine solvents can be used). After degreasing, surface is treated with detergent / caustic soda solution followed by water.


Shake powder in a bag itself. Pour Part II liquid in a plastic bucket. Add 20 kgs. of UNIFIX-M&G Powder slowly, slowly and mix by hand until a uniform, homogenous thick paste or creamy consistency is formed. Additional quantity of water may be used to get desired / non-sag consistency. Allow the mix adhesive to mature for 4 - 5 minutes before application.


Apply a layer of mixed mortar 3 - 5 mm thick over the prepared surface by using mason’s trowel. With notch trowel or notched side, pull through the applied bed of adhesive and remove excess of material. Place the tile in place with force & move up and down so that the adhesive is fully covered on back of the tile. Do not apply adhesive on entire surface area because it will dry. Adhesive can be applied over back of the tile and fixing can be done.


Use joint spacer strips of desired joint thickness in between two tiles so that uniform joint design will create. Plastic and wooden strip spacers are recommended. Tile joints can be grouted 24 hours of fixing by using UNIGROUT. Joint grouting material.


Shelf life is six months when stored in sealed bags, stored at cool & dry place. Contact with moisture or water will reduce the shelf life.

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