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Water proofing of building roots where surface movements are expected.

UNIFLEX is a two component cement based polymer modified flexible, elastic waterproofing coating. Its resilient property makes it suitable to take care of linear movements of the concrete substrate due to expansion and contraction. Cement being an universal inorganic binder with enhance characteristic of polymer makes the coating monolithic with the substrate. It is water resistant and is suitable for waterproofing of large surface area like horizontal and sloppy roof terraces.


  • Easy to apply by towel or hard brush.
  • Excellent bonding to porous and non-porous substrate.
  • Forms tough & elastic membrane of 1 to 1.5 mm thickness.
  • Wear & tear resistance - hence suitable for pedestrian traffic. 
  • Breathable allows substrate to breathe.
  • Water resistant & water proof - does not allow water to enter.
  • Resistant to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion.
  • Forms an anti-carbonation coating.
  • Self curing type does not require external curing with water.
  • Non-toxic, suitable for contact with potable water.
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure of water up to 7 bars.
  • UV and weather resistant.


UNIFLEX is suggested for waterproofing of building roof terraces where movements due to expansion & contraction are expected. Waterproof coating for water retaining wall & water reservoir. Waterproofing of sea water channels and industrial gutters.

  1. Easy to apply by trowel & hard brush.
  2. Adheres strongly.
  3. Makes cement elastic & weather durable.
  4. Wear & rear resistant.
  5. Breathable.
  6. Water co2 ion & chloride ion diffusion resistant.
  7. Anticarbonation coating.
  8. Non-toxic.
  9. Resists hydrostatic pressure.


Appearance and colour

Part I : Crystaline whitish grey powder.

Part II : Syrupy white milky liquid.

Mxing ratio

Part I : part II, 1 : 1 parts by weight

PH value of the mix7 - 8
Viscosity of the mixfree flowing plaste
Application time at 30 º CUse the material with in 1 hour of mixing.
Surface dry time at 30 ºC1 - 2 hour of open air
Hard dry time at 30 ºCWith in 24 hours in open air
Complete curing time at 30 ºC3 days
Colour shadesAvailable in grey & white
Coverage 20 - 24 sq.ft / 2 kg / coat



Surface preparation is very important to get the best results and to avoid failure. The surface must be clean and free of grease, dirt, sludge, fungus cement coating blistered and loose plaster. It has the crack bridging ability so that it seals the cracks itself and no need of sealing with sealant. The substrate should be dampened with water prior to application of UNIFLEX. Do not apply in rain.


The concrete or cementitious substrate are highly porous. It is necessary to make the thickness remains same. krishna SEALER is highly elastomeric acrylic emulsion polymer without filled system has extra ordinary penetrating power which seals the porosity. Micro-crevices of the substrate. It provides strong adhesion to the substrate and top coating. Due to non-filled system it overcomes the problem of linear stress and strain created in the substrate. Apply one coat of SEALER as a primer coat by brush. Apply the top coat after one hour but with in four hours of drying of SEALER coat.


Apply the mixed material by hard brush or trowel to a given coverage level of 10 - 12 sq.ft / kg max to get uniform film buildup. Single coat application is sufficient because you get 1 to 1.5 mm thickness. Second coat application can be given if required.


Tools and equipment to be cleaned with water when the material is in uncured state.


Store in cool & dry place. Shelf life of the unmixed material is one year from the date of manufacture.

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