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Filling of coloured tile joints of any size of tiles.

UNIGROUT is a single component easy to use powder tiles joint filling compound. It is composed of hydraulically setting inorganic and organic binders along with coloured pigments and inert fillers. It is developed for use internally and externally whether it is vertical wall or floor. On curing it forms a hard, though and wear resistant mass without shrinkage cracks. It is ideal for sealing joints up to 5 mm only whether it is glazed tiles, mosaic tiles, marbles or granite tiles joint.

  • Single component, easily applicable by hand.
  • Adheres strongly to substrate and tile surface,
  • Compatible with UNIFLEX tile fixing adhesive.
  • Non fading colour shades.
  • Wear and whether resistant.
  • No cracks formations.
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to very dilute acid, alkali and soap solutions.
  • Performs well in cold and hot climatic conditions.
  • Available in twelve tiles colour matching shades. Non-toxic and non-flammable.

  1. One pack coloured powder, easily applied by hand & rubber spatula.
  2. Bonds Strongly to substrate & tile surface.
  3. Compartible with UNIFIX.
  4. Non fading colours.
  5. No cracking  & falling of tiles.
  6. No external curing is required.


Nature & AppearanceHomogenous, uniform coloured and fine powder.
ColourWhite and other attractive twelve colour shades.
Mixing ration water / powder0.23 - 0.25
Specific gravity at 30 º C1.85 ± 0.05 gms / cc
Application time at 30 º C40 minutes
Initial setting time at 30 º C5 - 6 hours
Complete setting time at 30 º C24 hours
Complete curing at 30 º C14 days
Coverage7 to 8 running meter of tiles joint of 3 mm width per 1 kg. of UNIGROUT
TempuratureNot affected by cold and frost condition. Resistant continuous temperature of 80 º C max.


The tiles joint must be free of water, dust dirt and excess / left over tile fixing adhesive UNIFIX.


Shake the powder material in the bag itself. Take 230 to 240 ml of water in a mixing container (plastic bucket). Add 1 kg. of UNIGROUT powder slowly while continuous mixing and mix to a smooth and soft, homoegenous, uniform colour paste. Allow it to maturer for 10 minutes before application. 


After 24 hours of UNIFIX setting use UNIGROUT. Apply / fill mixed UNIGROUT into a joint by using rubber spatula. Remove excess of UNIGROUT with a moist sponage rubber before drying. Wet the highly porous tiles with water before groutinh. After the initial setting of grout, once it dries, polish the tiles with a clean and dry cloth leaving the joint flush with the tile. After setting for 24 hours, moisten the UNIGROUT with spray or sponage rubber. 

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