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Universal, Multipurpose, Thermal Water proof Coating.
ULTIMATE-UNO is a single component, solvent Based universal thermal insulating water resistant structural protective system. It is an innovation of third generation advanced polymer technology - a linear aliphatic acrylic polymer based formulation. It is formulated and manufactured in a sophisticated process by using, polymer, plasticizers, combination of lightfast weather durable coloured pigment, properly graded selective reinforcing filler, European thermal nonconductive microcell material and wide range of performance additives. On application it forms a waterproof, thermal nonconductive flexible membrane in the form of uniform monolithic weather coat. Weathercoat protects the structure from ultraviolet and infra red rays. It reflects heat as well as does not allow the heat cold flux transmission. It saves air conditioning and power energy cost upto 30% and structure maintaince cost. It is an universal system suitable on almost all building materials i.e. concrete, metal, wood, asbestos, ceramic etc. Its performance is much more effective than that of conventional systems available in the market
Single component easily applicable by brush.
Adheres strongly to almost all building materials.
Flexible -takes care of linear movement.
Water seal increases longevity.
Ultraviolet light protection maintains asthetic
Thermal non-conductiy property saves electrical Energy.
Unique non-conductive keeps structure cool in Hot season and warm in cold season from inside.
Prevents growth of microorganisms such as Fungus, algae & moss.
Repels air borne pollutants and dirt that makes the substrate look new for years after application.
Light weight puts less stress on the structure.
High light reflection value of 92 at 700 nm.
Attractive co lour shades available on demand.
Building roof, and exterior walls.
Industrial structure roofs, walls i.e. concrete slab roof,
asbestos sheet roof, tin sheet roof, fibre glass sheet, polyester coated sheet etc;
Electronic exchanges building roof & walls. Hospital building roof & walls.
Buses & railway coach roofs.
Petrol pump room roofs & petrol storage tanks
Appearance and co lour : White coloured flowing consistency material
Density at 30°c   0.80±0.05gms/cc
Nonvolatile content, : 50±05 % by wt.
Surface dry time at 30°C


5 -10 minutes
Inter coat period at 30°C : 1-2 Hours
Dry time for water 
Resistance at 30°C
: 2-3 Hours.
Complete curing time at 30°c : 3-4 days
Coverage, concrete surface : 45-50 sq. ft / lit /coat period surface coverage rate depends on the Roughness & Porosity Of the substrate.
Metallic surface : 70-75 Sq. ft / lit /coat
Film finish
Hardness, Shore A (ASTM D 2240)
Tensile strength at break (ASTM D 41 2)
15-20 kg/cm2
Elongation at break (ASTM D 41 2)
Bond strength (ASTM C 297)
More than cohesive strength 10-20
Permeability (ASTM E 398)
Service Temperature Range
25°c to+ 90°c
High temperature Resistance
Ultra violets &Weather resistance 
(ASTM D 822, ASTM G 23)
No ageing /withstands up to 3000 hours cycles, about 10 years durability.
Light Reflectance value
92 at 700nm
Roof temperature reduction Value
Up to 20°c
Flexible, no migration or leaching out of any ingredient on exposure for longer period
Dry film thickness, 2 coats
160- 180 microns
Resistance to micro Organisms
Water Resistance
  Surface preparation is very important to get the best result and to avoid failure. The substrate must be sound enough, clean and free of dirt grease, oil, sludge, moss, blistered cement coating, loose plaster etc. Thoroughly wire brush the surface to remove saturated dirt and loose particles. Wash the surface to remove dust. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  The concrete or cementitious substrates are highly porous. It is necessary to make the substrate less absorptive so that the top coats film thickness remain same. Krishna Sealer is highly elastomeric acrylic polymer without tilled system has extra ordinary penetrating power which seals the porosity. Microcrevices of the substrate. It provides strong adhesion to the substrate and top coating. Due to non filled system it overcomes the problem of liner stress and strain created in the substrate. Apply one coat of sealer as a primer coat by brush
  Dilute the material 1 : 1 by volume with thinner or xylene. Mix well to an uniform viscocty and apply by brush all over the surface. Allow it to dry for 2 -3 hours.
Seal the cracks using acrylic sealant if required. Allow sealant to dry for at 48 hours before applying a primer coat primer coat.
Mix the content of pack in its original container by stirring with the help of wooden stick / spatula to a Uniform, homogenous free flowing consistency Material. Dilute the material with 5% of thinner or xylene. Apply first coat of mixed material generously by brush, Allow it dry on its own for 2 -3 hours maximum & then apply second coat in opposite direction of first coat.
Tools equipment to be cleaned with thinner or xylene.
Store the material in cool dry place. Shelf life of the unopened container is one year from the date of
1,20 lit. Pack.
Do not apply in closed rooms
Provide proper ventilation
Do not over dilute Do not
inhale vapors.